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Course itself is top notch!

“I am so grateful for the Sunshine Montessori Training Program. I have learned SO MUCH from taking this course. I knew I wanted to homeschool my children but I had no idea where to start, what to do and how to do it. That is why I pursued getting certified as a Montessori Directress. Everyone at Sunshine Montessori Training was so helpful! They were prompt at getting back to me when I had questions. They were helpful and always so nice and cheerful. The course itself is top notch! You will learn everything you need to know to run a successful Montessori program! It takes hard work and dedication but YOU CAN DO IT. Go after your dreams and let Sunshine Montessori Training direct you there. I highly recommend this program!”
Renee Telman
Florida, USA

Positive educational and personal growth

“My experience with Sunshine Montessori Training has been one of positive educational and personal growth. The lessons and the assignments continued to inspire me all the way through my year long course work. Sunshine Montessori Training offers an excellent total view of the Montessori Method. Online questions are answered quickly and completely. We share progress, perspectives and any concerns with other learners via informational monthly Zoom meetings. I’m glad I followed my desire to learn even at age 68. I have recently been hired to work with 2 1/2-3 and 3-6 in an amazing Montessori School in WI. USA. Thank you for Sunshine Montessori Training. I recommend this course to anyone interested in how to implement Montessori with children at home or in the classroom.”
Cindy Hallberg

100% online

“I have learned so much during my Montessori Diploma course in Sunshine Montessori Training. The best part about the course was that it was 100% online which allows me to have flexibility and make progress on my own schedule and pace. Further, even though it was online course, both the instructor and TA were very prompt with responses and feedback regarding my homework assignments. Whenever I need some help, the TA was always there and willing to help. Thanks to the flexibility and kind guidance, I could complete the program while continuing my full-time job. I would strongly recommend the Montessori Diploma course in Sunshine Montessori Training to anyone who want to learn about wonderful philosophy and methodology of Montessori education!”
Suwon Yoon

I now know how to be a better teacher for children

“The Montessori Philosophy and way of teaching is very different from our traditional method of teaching. I learned a lot of new things and was amazed by how important it is to observe children. By observing them, we can understand them better and have a better relationship with them. This makes the classroom a happy place for children. After taking this course, my ideas about teaching changed a lot and I now know how to be a better teacher for children. Before, I found it hard to use the Montessori Method because I was used to our traditional way of teaching.”
Khaing Thuzar

Program material is fantastic

“The program material is fantastic and everything necessary to understand the method has been well laid out. I loved every bit of the program and cannot wait to use my learning in the Montessori environment. The manuals and guidance from my tutor contributed to this positive experience with SMT ! My tutors were also amazing. They supported my learning journey and helped me every time I asked questions. They were always there for me and it was wonderful and I was so glad to do this course.”
Cinta Natasya

Eye opening experience

“I have always wished to develop my school to a point where we can give the best education and its quality of our best. I have heard and learnt about the methodology in teaching of Montessori. But still, I have the struggles to operate it well. I always made some research on YouTube to find if it gives me some hope to learn from. And I found SMT . I decided to go for this training. It is a wide eye opening! When I registered and learned about the philosophy of Montessori and how the materials are so rich in the five areas of this study. I have understood each well. I made the materials myself and I put them into practice. Sunshine Montessori Training is walking its talk! I would highly recommend those who would like to go deeper in their education concerning the teaching of Montessori, talk to Sunshine Preschool, Indonesia. They are the real deal!!!”
Chhim Koy

Lots of support and encouragement

“I am so grateful for this achievement. The learning experience with Sunshine Montessori Training was beautiful. I believe this knowledge will not only be useful for a preschool but also at home when raising my children in the future. I believe I can make a better parenting with Montessori knowledge. Sunshine Montessori Training made it easy for me to learn online. They also gave me lots of support and encouragement that helped me to complete my learning journey. Thank you so much!”
Karen Mathias

One of the most joyful experiences ever

"Joining Sunshine Montessori Training was one of the most joyful experiences ever. The very easily accessible online courses, to the amount of information taught during the diploma. Day by day I felt more confident that I was getting better at the subject, and I was always supported by the whole team. I am extremely happy Not only because I graduated but I I am very grateful for the everything I have learnt in the process and what I was able to give to my daughter more because of it. Thank you so much for everything…”
Iman Kazah El Majzoub

Very practical and easy to understand

“The lessons at Sunshine Montessori Training are very practical and easy to understand. From theory to practical applications, the course will give you a very in-depth insight of what Montessori education is all about. The teachers are very supportive too. Thank you very much.”
Christopher Palle
Nagoya, Japan

Absolute commitment of your mentors

“Your YouTube videos helped me connect with Sunshine. It has been my dream for the last 30 years to undertake Montessori Training. During the covid lockdowns, accessing your online course was easily possible and my dream could be realised. The course content, the guidance and absolute commitment of your mentors encouraged me to successfully complete the course. The interesting content, videos and quizzes were all in sync with the program. I can now conceive and visualize the meaning and execution of education. Thanks to Maria Montessori and Sunshine, I now envision incorporating Montessori Education in my school.”
Vijaylaxmi Somani

Tutors go out of their way to help you understand

“Being and educator, I felt that I was missing something, Montessori filled the gap as my journey was more than enriching and fruitful. Today I am a mom of an 11 month old baby, I am proud to train him to become a little Montessorian. The tutors go out of their way to help you understand, clear out all your doubts and answer all your questions. I wish to make the most out if this course by imparting it to children. The course is well structured, and the tutors do an amazing job in making all those videos to help students.”
Nancy Poorun

Felt very comfortable and supported throughout this whole course

“Well, what can I say? It has been a super fun experience. Since I learnt about Montessori I couldn't wait to know how you actually did the method and then i found Sunshine Montessori Training and decided to go for it. Since I started the course, I have been excited about it since day one, and my passion led me to do a module after another with practically no pause in between! It's easy to forget the theory so I am now luckily working on a Montessori pre-school and I can start putting into practise everything I learnt. The teachers of the course have been super helpful and kind, always answering to all my numerous questions, which I am very grateful for. I have felt very comfortable and supported throughout this whole course and I just want to say a big THANK YOU for this great experience.”
Ingrid Laura
Buxton (Peak District), UK

Course is organized and has an excellent portal

“I highly recommend this course to anyone involved in teaching at home or school. This course is organized and has an excellent portal, easy access and a great support system by the tutors. The fees are affordable and you can join the course from all around the world. I have changed my perspective about children and learning. I don't feel overwhelmed anymore with what I see in social media because I understand now, Montessori is about the life of a child, not only limit to beautiful shelves or beautiful material, but it is beyond that. I understand myself, and I understand my son most importantly. Thanks to the team of Sunshine Montessori Training for the kind support and encouragement.”
Fatin Athira Selangor

Offers a great flexibility

“Online Diploma of Montessori in SMT offers a great flexibility. The lessons and exams are available online. It gives me freedom of learning as I can access them at my convenience. The lessons are comprehensive, conveyed through printed modules, videos and peer discussions. The learning platform is easy to navigate. All in all, this program is recommended. Thank you everyone is SMT for being an important part in my Montessori journey.”
Indri R Hapsari

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