Renee’s Success Story as a Montessori Parent

It takes hard work and dedication but
Montessori Parent

Renee successfully completed her Montessori Diploma Course with us in 2022 and the following is her success story as a Montessori Parent.

Q. How has the Montessori teaching course influenced your parenting approach over the years?

The Montessori teaching course has been a transformative journey in my parenting approach. Learning about its child-centered principles made me more attuned to my child’s needs and interests. By focusing on fostering independence and exploration, I gradually saw my child thrive in a more self-directed manner.

Q. Can you share specific instances where you applied Montessori principles in your child's development?

A. One memorable instance was when I introduced practical life activities from Montessori at home. Teaching my child basic skills like pouring, cleaning, and buttoning not only built their motor skills but also nurtured their sense of responsibility. Another time, I observed them engrossed in a learning activity I set up using Montessori materials, showing their eagerness to learn on their own terms.

Q. What changes did you notice in your child's behavior and learning as a result of using Montessori methods?

A. Applying Montessori methods yielded remarkable changes. My child exhibited greater concentration, curiosity, and a deeper love for learning. They became more patient and respectful of their surroundings. I noticed their confidence blossoming as they successfully completed tasks independently, from dressing to organizing their toys.

Q. How did the course enhance your confidence in nurturing your child's independence and self-discipline?

A. The course significantly boosted my confidence in parenting. It equipped me with valuable tools to guide my child’s development and provided a solid foundation for their lifelong learning journey. Witnessing my child’s sense of accomplishment as they mastered tasks instilled in me a deep belief in their capabilities.

Q. Could you describe any challenges you faced while implementing Montessori techniques and how you overcame them?

A. While implementing Montessori techniques, challenges arose, such as balancing structure with flexibility and adapting activities to my child’s evolving interests. Patience and persistence were key. Overcoming initial resistance to allowing mess during independent playtime required a shift in mindset, but the positive outcomes encouraged me to persevere. The journey of integrating Montessori principles has been immensely rewarding, ultimately shaping both my child’s growth and my own parenting approach.

Q. What was the role of Sunshine Montessori Training in your journey?

A. I am so grateful for the Sunshine Montessori Training Program. I have learned SO MUCH from taking this course. I knew I wanted to homeschool my children but I had no idea where to start, what to do and how to do it. That is why I pursued getting certified as a Montessori Directress. Everyone at Sunshine Montessori Training was so helpful! They were prompt at getting back to me when I had questions. They were helpful and always so nice and cheerful. The course itself is top notch! You will learn everything you need to know to run a successful Montessori program! It takes hard work and dedication but YOU CAN DO IT. Go after your dreams and let Sunshine Montessori Training direct you there. I highly recommend this program.

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