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Welcome to Your Day 1 Video Lesson - The Work Cycle

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Get a glimpse into the Montessori work cycle: Watch our video to learn more about this essential part of the Montessori method!

We’re excited for you to learn and benefit from these valuable insights. Click the video below to start watching now!

What they say…

"I am forever thankful for this learning journey. It gave me the means to observe my children’s development, tantrums, achievements, emotional struggles (as well as my own) with a whole new perspective. I feel the course gave me a new set of tools to maneuver through my children’s first years of life."
Aurelie Pinoteau

An Online Program That Adapts to Your Needs...

If you are a Parent wanting to implement Montessori at Home, a Principal who would like to use Montessori Methodology in your preschool, a Teacher who would like to upgrade your teaching skills or someone who would like to work with young children, then keep on reading! We have an excellent program designed to suit your needs. On completion of this course, you will become a Qualified Montessori practitioner!