Montessori Math Made Easy: Innovative Toys for Developing Numeracy Skills

best toys for Montessori education

The child-centered approach to Montessori learning taps into a child’s natural curiosity and inclination for learning. Therefore, one of the primary features of Montessori education is its use of innovative and interactive toys to aid a child’s learning process. The same is true with Montessori math toys. These toys enable children to learn basic math concepts and improve their numeracy skills. At the same time, these toys promote problem-solving abilities and foster creativity. 

Explore the eight best Montessori math toys that you can use to promote your child’s math skills at home or in school.

Top 8 Montessori Math Toys

If you need to develop your child’s math skills, these are the best toys for Montessori education focusing on numeracy learning.

1. Number Rods

Number rods are a common toy and learning tool in a Montessori setting. Consisting of ten wooden rods that vary in length and thickness, each wooden rod comes in a different color. These rods are numbered one to ten and are arranged in ascending order. 

Children can interact with the number rods to learn basic math concepts like counting, addition, and subtraction. Interacting with the rods also promotes other essential skills, such as hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

2. Sequence Numbers

Sequence numbers are a type of board game that Montessori educators commonly use to develop a child’s math skills. The board consists of numbers that children must arrange in proper chronological sequence. It is a fun yet effective method for teaching math through play. 

Sequence number board games offer additional benefits aside from improving math skills. They are also helpful in enhancing a child’s reflexes, concentration, hand-eye coordination, and strategy. 

3. Golden Beads

Adding Golden Beads to your interactive toys can help promote numeracy skills in children using the Montessori method. The wooden beads are painted in different colors, each representing various place values. Each bead is assigned a value by units, tens, hundreds, and thousands. 

Playing with the Golden Beads enables students to learn basic math concepts. But they are also helpful in improving a child’s spatial awareness and visual perception.

4. Picture Books

Picture books are integral to the Montessori learning method. You can also incorporate them into teaching your child basic numeracy skills, especially at a young age.

Picture books involve illustrations accompanied by words or counting elements. For example, there is a group of particular objects that your child must count, add, or subtract. The use of visual imagery encourages your child to pay attention and to make learning highly interactive.

5. Pattern Blocks

Pattern blocks are a crucial tool for learning math in the Montessori teaching method. Each block features a unique shape and color. They are used for various hands-on shape activities and math games to promote numeracy skills in children. In addition, they aid children in learning about basic math concepts, geometric shapes, shape recognition, pattern recognition, and symmetry.

This type of Montessori math toy is known as manipulative. However, they are entertaining and interactive for kids to work with!

6. Fraction Cubes

Fraction cubes are among the best Montessori math toys, especially for learning about fractions. The cubes are made of wood and are available in various sizes and colors. Each cube represents a different fraction. Children can interact with each cube to learn how to use and compare fractions.

Aside from promoting basic math skills, fraction cubes also improve logical thinking and problem-solving skills.

7. Stamp Game

The Stamp Game is another useful Montessori math toy for children. It is suitable for learning about basic math operations. The game involves the use of a wooden board with a grid of squares and small wooden tiles with numbers. Children can use each tile to perform basic math equations like addition and subtraction.

Using stamp games can be fun and interactive for kids. Therefore, Montessori teachers recommend them for numeracy development since they are highly effective.

8. Math Logic Puzzle

Finally, puzzles are another excellent tool you can use to promote math learning in kids. They are beneficial not just in promoting their math skills, but also in improving their analytical skills. Kids have to understand situations and devise mathematical solutions for each puzzle. 


Montessori math toys are excellent tools to make learning fun and creative for children, especially regarding math skills. In addition, these toys enable children to develop a healthy relationship with math from a young age. 

Use any Montessori math toys mentioned in this guide to promote numeracy skills. It’s about how you use these toys to maximize learning opportunities and build a solid foundation in math. After all, children can grasp learning concepts more effectively when they’re having fun. 

Sony Vasandani, B.Com, M.Ed

Founder & CEO of: Sunshine Teachers’ Training, The Academy of Montessori, Smart Preschool Business.