About Sunshine Montessori Training

Parents, Teachers, educators, and guardians of today hold the ropes to a brighter, better, and more progressive future generation!

About The Institute​

Sunshine Montessori Training is essentially a training institute for parents, early childhood educators, and anyone working with children. We specialize in offering online Montessori courses to anyone around the globe who would like to make a difference in the education, and lives, of children. 

Sunshine Montessori Training was founded with a desire to provide the best education for parents and teachers to make a difference in the lives of children in the early years (2-6 Years). We help change the lives of children… one parent/teacher at a time!

Sunshine Montessori Training was born out of the passion to upgrade the quality of teaching in the early years of education. Preschools in many countries around the world, still lag behind with the methods and systems of teaching children. Sunshine Montessori Training aims to become a ray of optimism for parents and all early childhood education.


Our Mission

‘Empower individuals to become the ‘BEST’ Parent / Teacher, who can make a difference in the lives of children and their families.’

Our Trainers


Sunshine Montessori Training is proud to have on-board some of the best-qualified and most experienced trainers. Specializing in the Montessori education, our trainers have a combined Montessori training experience of over 77 years. We are:

  • Dedicated to conveying our knowledge and skills
  • Qualified Montessori specialists
  • Disciplined and honest in our job
  • Conscious about the cultural and social needs of students in the early years
  • Sincere about wanting to make a difference to help children across the globe